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Författarporträtt av Adams, Herbert

Adams, Herbert
1874 - 1958

British author that would have been largely forgotten had it not been for his being the first and most prolific author of...

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Portrait image of John Creasey

Creasey, John
1908 - 1973

The British author John Creasey has been described as a productive literary phenomenon. According to the experts, around...

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Portrait image of Peter Høeg

Høeg, Peter
1957 -

The Danish author Peter Høeg was born in Copenhagen and grew up in the inner-city district of Christianshavn. His mother ...

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Författarporträtt av Lapidus, Jens

Lapidus, Jens
1974 -

Jens Lapidus grew up on the outskirts of Stockholm. His mother was a social worker and his father a journalist who, among...

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