• It is 144 years today since Freeman Wills Crofts was born.

    Freeman Wills Crofts was born in Dublin, Ireland, as the son of a British army surgeon who died when Croft was still young. Because his mother then married an archdeacon, Croft was brought up in a deeply religious home. He studied engineering, and at the age of seventeen he became an apprentice at the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway where he stayed until 1929 when he left for health...

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Portrait of Robert Ludlum

Ludlum, Robert
1927 - 2001

The American thriller writer, theatre producer and actor Robert Ludlum were born in New York, but his family moved to New...

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Portrait image of Josephine Tey

Tey, Josephine
1896 - 1952

Josephine Tey (the author of popular mystery novels) and Gordon Daviot (a well-known English playwright between 1933 and...

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Portrait image of Dennis Wheatley

Wheatley, Dennis
1897 - 1977

The British author and wine merchant Dennis Yeats Wheatley was one of the foremost 20th century authors of thrillers and...

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Författarporträtt av Lönnaeus, Olle

Lönnaeus, Olle
1957 -

The journalist and author Olof "Olle" Lönnaeus was born in Tomelilla, Southeast Scania. After completing upper-secondary ...

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