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Författarporträtt av Lasdun, James

Lasdun, James
1958 -

English author and poet, born and brought up in London, but has lived in the USA since 1986. James Lasdun gained a B.A....

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Författarporträtt av Småge, Kim

Småge, Kim
1945 -

Kim Småge is a pseudonym used by the Norwegian author Anne Karin Thorshus who was born in Trondheim. After having completed ...

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Portrait image of Kerstin Ekman

Ekman, Kerstin
1933 -

Kerstin Lillemor Ekman (born Hjort) is one of Sweden's foremost living novelists. She was born in Finspång and grew up in ...

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Författarporträtt av Tangen, Geir

Tangen, Geir
1970 -

The Norwegian author Geir Tangen was born in Øystese in Hardanger where he also grew up. In the family home, reading was ...

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