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Portrait of Mario Puzo

Puzo, Mario
1920 - 1999

Mario Gianluigi Puzo was an American author born in a slum known as Hell’s Kitchen on Manhattan, New York. His parents were b...

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Portrait image of Martin Holmén

Holmén, Martin
1974 -

Swedish author and teacher, was born in Eskilstuna and grew up in Krogstorp outside Sölvesborg, where he attended school. ...

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Portrait image of Frank Heller

Heller, Frank
1886 - 1947

Frank Heller is a pseudonym used by the Swedish author Gunnar Serner who was among the most popular authors of light...

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Portrait of Domingo Villar

Villar, Domingo
1971 -

Domingo Villar is a Spanish novelist born in Vigo, Galicia. He now lives in Madrid where hosts a radio show about food....

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