About the dictionary

Alex Crimewriters is a dictionary of detective and crime writers from all around the world, and with many writers which can be counted as Nordic noir.

The encyclopedia now contains information on: (for now) 612 authors selected by Alex's editors (in collaboration with Johan Wopenka from the The Swedish Academy of Crime Fiction).

The presentations are written directly for Crimewriters by librarians, literary scholars and other expertise. Over 45 000 titles. A section on Literary Figures has been introduced. There are presentations, lists of occupations and lists of which novels a certain character appears in. Furthermore, there are lists of crime fiction prizes, a theme article, etc.

Alex Crimewriters offers several extended search options: in addition to literary figures and professions, you can also search for subgenres such as puzzle detective novels, spy novels, hard-boiled detective novels, police novels, etc. Naturally, as in the authors' encyclopedia, you can also search for titles, references and film adaptations.

What you get

The database is continuously updated, articles are supplemented and expanded, new titles and references are added, etc. All information is fact-checked.

There is ongoing work to ensure the quality of the author presentations. The information is structured, which means that you find similar information about an author in the same place.

With an account you will also have the possibility to manage and save your own selections, lists, comments and ratings for authors and titles.

Become a member

Alex Crimewriters is a monthly payment based service, that provides full access to the entire database for €2 a month and with no notice period. Create your account on